International Database of Planets, Stars
& Extraterrestrial Land Claims

General info

International Database of Planets, Stars & Extraterrestrial Land Claims (IDPS & ELC) is an international electronic directory. On March 20, 1985 the IDPS & ELS base was officially opened. Since then, it unceasingly replenished with new space objects. IDPS & ELC has become a controlling entity that registers names to astronomical bodies. For this purpose IDPS & ELC has developed a Unified heavenly bodies Catalog synchronising all major data from other registrators.

The catalog is based on all popular Catalogues where detailed information about over 500000000 objects are listed.

A big number of Scientific Institutes, governmental and commenrial companies cooperate with IDPS & ELC.

All information about a new astronomical body, registered by a registrator participating with IDPS & ELC is promptly added to our Unified heavenly bodies Catalog.

All partner companies have a Conformance Certification. A Conformance Certification provides and assurance that the level of a company services is in accordance with IDPS & ELC requirements and standards.

The database includes large space objects as:

  • Stars
  • Planets
  • Satellites

and small space objects like:

  • Asteroids
  • Meteorites
  • other facilities

The process of entry into the IDPS & ELS database is proceeding on a commercial basis. Each space object, depending on its type and size, has its own declared value. Registrants, who cooperate with the IDPS & ELS, have all these rates.

Due to the fact that all information about clients and all their contact details are a type of confidential data, an access to such information is given only to people with a unique identification number or those who has an object exact coordinates.

A confirmation of introduction into the IDPS & ELS database is a certificate with a seal, hologram and unique identification number which gives an access to the information to view. This certificate is a mandatory attribute of a space object naming and is included into the naming val. Companies, which are the IDPS & ELS registrars and which provide information for the database entry, have all rights to use the IDPS & ELS attributes in associated souvenirs. Seal and hologram are not applied onto the souvenir products. These companies have no rights to create their own base or duplicate the IDPS & ELS database. All the data about space objects’ names adjustments are kept only on this site. The registrar site must have a link to the IDPS & ELS website and provide all the information about the base in the language of the registrar.

The IDPS & ELS is not a scientific catalog and has no relation to the International Astronomical Union or any other scientific organizations. This is due to the fact that academic institutions do not conduct commercial activities. The IDPS & ELS is a local directory, all the data are available only in the IDPS & ELS database and are duplicated nowhere, including the other scientific and nonscientific astronomical bases.